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Jeb Bush offers lesson in optimism
NEW YORK — The Republican Party faces a long-term challenge in presidential elections because it is defining itself as a gloomy enclave, a collection of pessimists who fear what our country is becoming and where it is going. The party's hope deficit helps explain why there's a boomlet for Jeb Bush, a man who dares to use the word "love" in a paragraph about illegal immigrants. Columbia Tribune
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Perry's office: Don't mess with job-creating funds
AUSTIN, Texas — Top aides to Gov. Rick Perry say it would be unwise for the next Texas governor to uproot lucrative economic development programs that have stirred growing discontent among Republicans. Kansas City Star
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Technology firm announces plans to move headquarters from Atlanta to Kenner, bring 320 jobs
Kenner, LA--A technology firm called 4th Source, now based in the Atlanta area, announced Thursday that it is moving its headquarters to Kenner and along with it 320 jobs over the next five years. The office will open on Veterans Memorial Boulevard near Williams Boulevard in July, employ 25 people by the end of the year, 80 people by the end of 2015 and continue adding people in the following years, said 4th Source Chief Executive Officer Michael Wedge. The jobs will average $50,000 in annual salary. And the company's presence will spur an estimated addition of 412 additional jobs. Times-Picayune
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Gov. Bryant signs bill to aid Cooper Tire
JACKSON, MS – Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law Wednesday legislation making Cooper Tire eligible to receive $20 million in state funds to help with modernization of its Tupelo manufacturing plant.
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Corporate Tax Attacks in the States
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been complaining for years about corporate tax havens. The Congressional Research Services reports that offshore tax shelters cost the federal government between $30 billion and $90 billion a year. But such is the gridlock in Washington that even bipartisan efforts to do something about the problem have stalled. That's where Maine comes in. Tired of waiting on Washington, it passed legislation this month with an eye toward recouping the estimated $5 million in corporate income tax revenue lost a year. Governing
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Georgia Democrats have never recovered from the 2002 election. That year, Republican Sonny Perdue, formerly one of the Democrats’ own, challenged Governor Roy Barnes. The Democrats, knowing the tide was finally turning against them, had used redistricting to carve up state and congressional legislative districts in advantageous ways. Georgia senate districts ran across the state. Representatives for the Georgia house were packed into multi-member districts. The 11th Congressional District was twisted up inside itself in such a fashion that a person could pole-vault from one side of it to another, crossing over a different congressional district. The 1st ran along the coast, halfway across the southern state line, then up I-75 to Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins—nearly the geographic center of Georgia. American Spectator
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Democrats aren't dead in the South
Democrats aren't dead in the South APRIL 23, 2014, AT 9:46 AM Tweet inShare 3 Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has a fighting chance in North Carolina. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has a fighting chance in North Carolina. Photo: (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) Why Democrats still have a chance to hold the Senate seat in Arkansas Obama's right: Democrats can win on ObamaCare What to watch as the 2014 midterm campaigns gear up A new set of polls from the New York Times and Kaiser Family Foundation have political observers buzzing this morning because they show Democrats still have a fighting chance in four key Southern Senate races. The Week
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Why conservatives see rural America as the 'real' America
In a recent column, my colleague Ryan Cooper raised a good point on the myth of rural powerlessness: While rural areas may posture themselves as noble victims, they enjoy outsized political influence in Washington. The Week
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Why Democrats still have a chance to hold the Senate seat in Arkansas
On the Political Wire podcast, we spoke to Skip Rutherford, dean of the Clinton School of Public Service, about Arkansas' unique politics and how they could impact the state's marquee U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races. Here are five takeaways from the discussion: The Week
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Charter adds 275 call center jobs in Bridgeton MO
Telecom company Charter Communications has invested $12.3 million to open a call center in Bridgeton, Mo. St. Louis Business Journal
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 Top Ten Places in the South for Relocating California Companies

Reshoring manufacturing capacity from primarily Asia to the South and Mexico is now a common thing to do and it's all about money. When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, the average manufacturing wage in China's Pearl River Delta (PRD) was about 58 cents an hour.

 Randle Report - Business News in the South

By Dr. Glen Fenter
Desperation sometimes masks itself in acceptance. Such was the case for Takelia Carter of Marion, Ark. For Carter, the mother of six school-age children in a low paying job, desperation was normative existence. This was her life in Crittenden County, Ark., deep in the Delta where unfortunately one in four families lives well below the poverty level.

 Business News in the South - Randle Report

By Mike Randle
There are numerous factors driving the new industrial revolution in the South. And it is a revolution, as this manufacturing surge that began in 2007 continues to break records year after year in the total number of large, capital intensive projects. One factor, of course, is that reshoring of facilities back to the U.S. continues to grow each year.
 Nashville Mayour Karl Dean

We try to change up the categories in our annual Ten Top 10s section, but we always include the "Ten People Who Made a Difference" category. This year though, we are honoring 12 and you will learn why by reading about this group of folks who have made a difference in the South. Here is our annual list that includes executives, economic developers and politicians who have made a difference in the South's economy.

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