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Houston praised, some others panned, for gas pipeline maintenance
Campaigning for the acceleration of repairs to the nation’s aging natural gas utility pipelines, labor unions and environmentalists say expediting the replacement schedule would boost the economy and curb the amount of pollution emitted into the air each year. Fuel Fix
Submitted 3 minutes ago


Making Craft Brew in Mississippi, the Land That Beer Forgot
When Mark and Leslie Henderson opened Lazy Magnolia Brewing in 2004, their hometown of Kiln, Miss., was an unlikely place make beer. Halfway between New Orleans and Biloxi on I-10, the town of 2,000 was known for being the place where Brett Favre played his high school football and not a whole lot else.
Submitted 8 minutes ago


Missouri Voters will Decide if Phone and Email Privacy Should be Added to State Constitution
Soon, Missouri residents might be able to say “Show me a warrant” when asked by law enforcement to produce their cell phone or other electronic devices.
Submitted 13 minutes ago


San Jose and Nashville Ask Citizens for Poverty Solutions
It’s likely that no two cities embody the concept of the creative class quite like Nashville and San Jose, with their world-renowned reputations as hubs of originality, ingenuity and innovation.
Submitted 18 minutes ago


Do Cities Really Want Economic Development?
A poor economy and all the problems that come with it actually benefit some people, giving powerful players less incentive to improve the status quo for the rest.
Submitted 23 minutes ago


The Real Threat to Democracy: Money Problems
Critics of democracy -- and they are many -- believe that democratic governments eventually fail because the people will tax themselves less and less while voting themselves ever-increasing benefits. The fact is that failure to exercise prudent fiscal stewardship is one of the surest ways to undermine democracy. (Just ask the residents of Detroit how much democracy they enjoy.) The failure to make wise choices will steadily erode the ability of any entity to control its own fate.
Submitted 28 minutes ago


These young people are pioneering Appalachia’s post-coal economy
In the Hunger Games novels, heroine Katniss Everdeen comes from a coal mining region known as District 12. Her people are poor and looked down upon, but they’re also resourceful and know how to work together. In the end, it’s those skills that allow Katniss and her friend Peeta to win the games against better-trained rivals from the wealthy capital. Grist
Submitted 38 minutes ago


Move over Hollywood! Louisiana is top for film production
The shady Southern pine trees on the outskirts of Shreveport, La., serve as a year-round "New England" set for the television series Salem, one of many shows and movies being filmed in the state. With a temperate climate and generous tax incentives, Louisiana has been luring the California-based film industry south, creating thousands of new jobs and businesses in the process. CNN
Submitted 43 minutes ago


Political fireworks in Louisiana, Mississippi
NEW ORLEANS – The world is a politically tense place these days with hot spots ranging from the Middle East to Ukraine. In Louisiana and Mississippi, where the political chessboard tends to be a lot less threatening and at times entertaining, this election season is living up to expectations. Let's start with the marquee match-up in Mississippi. Hattiesburg American
Submitted 48 minutes ago


Charlie Crist Delivers Perfect Response To Rick Scott On Climate Change
Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Friday delivered the perfect response to Republicans who claim they lack the scientific background to express an opinion as to whether man-made climate change is real. “I’m not a scientist either, but I can use my brain, and I can talk to one,” Crist said Friday at a Florida State University presentation on greenhouse gases and rising sea levels, according to SaintPetersBlog. Huffington Post
Submitted 53 minutes ago

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 Top Ten Places in the South for Relocating California Companies

In growth, companies find themselves in the dilemma of identifying capital to increase capacity and managing opportunity cost where capital may be deferred. This dilemma is amplified as capacity constraints drive a company to complete the site selection process for an expanding or new facility. 

 Randle Report - Business News in the South

By Dr. Glen Fenter
Desperation sometimes masks itself in acceptance. Such was the case for Takelia Carter of Marion, Ark. For Carter, the mother of six school-age children in a low paying job, desperation was normative existence. This was her life in Crittenden County, Ark., deep in the Delta where unfortunately one in four families lives well below the poverty level.

 Business News in the South - Randle Report

By Mike Randle
There are numerous factors driving the new industrial revolution in the South. And it is a revolution, as this manufacturing surge that began in 2007 continues to break records year after year in the total number of large, capital intensive projects. One factor, of course, is that reshoring of facilities back to the U.S. continues to grow each year.
 Nashville Mayour Karl Dean

We try to change up the categories in our annual Ten Top 10s section, but we always include the "Ten People Who Made a Difference" category. This year though, we are honoring 12 and you will learn why by reading about this group of folks who have made a difference in the South. Here is our annual list that includes executives, economic developers and politicians who have made a difference in the South's economy.




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