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Enterprise South could see 2,000 more supplier jobs, officials say
Some 300 acres that Volkswagen is freeing up at Enterprise South industrial park in Chattanooga for potential suppliers ultimately could add another 20 companies and 2,000 jobs, economic developers say. Chattanooga Times Free-Press
Submitted 41 minutes ago


BP sets aside $260 million for future oil spill legal costs
BP reported $260 million in charges related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill during the second quarter. The majority of the charge was money the British oil giant set aside for future court battles over the spill. Times-Picayune
Submitted 42 minutes ago


Fracking aside, north shore oil and gas jobs increase seven-fold over last decade, report says
When Chevron announced in 2006 it was moving its offices and 500 employees from downtown New Orleans to the Covington area, it served as a tangible signal that the north shore was becoming a hotbed for the oil and gas industry. Now, a new report from the Northshore Business Council attempts to provide numerical support for the notion that the industry is one of the driving forces behind St. Tammany Parish's economy. Times-Picayune
Submitted 43 minutes ago


Common Core in Louisiana: Who's suing whom?
After six weeks of unproductive meetings and conference calls, the stand-off between pro-and anti-Common Core camps in Louisiana suddenly escalated Tuesday. Here's a chronological look at who is suing whom: Times-Picayune
Submitted 44 minutes ago


27 Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die, See Which Are Southern
We are all screaming for ice cream. Why we’re screaming: BERRIES, BERRIES, BERRIES. Oregon is known for its berries, so be sure to try one of the joint’s limited edition flavors that showcases the fruit: strawberry with cilantro lime cheesecake or goat cheese marionberry habanero, perhaps? If you’re not in the mood for fruit, don’t be sad. Delightful flavors like coffee & bourbon or freckled woodblock chocolate await!
Submitted 48 minutes ago


Explaining the mystery of fast economic growth under Democratic presidents
It seems to have little to do with much that any Commander in Chief can control. If you hang around enough enthusiastic Democrats during election season, you will surely hear these folks trumpet the fact that the economy performs much better during Democratic presidential administrations than Republican ones. Fortune
Submitted 50 minutes ago


Tennessee benefits as gun maker shoot for Southern states
For more than a century, America’s gun makers were clustered near the East Coast. Today, in the wake of new gun legislation in states including Maryland, many are moving South. And Tennessee is one of the beneficiaries. Commercial Appeal
Submitted 52 minutes ago


The Recovery Doesn't Look As Good After A Revision Buried In Today's GDP Report
The current economic recovery is still just so-so. As part of today's initial GDP report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the BEA also revised GDP for 2011 to 2013 down to 2.0% from 2.2%. Business Insider
Submitted 53 minutes ago


US economy bounces back with 4% GDP growth in second quarter
The US economy bounced back strongly in the spring, shaking off the effects of an unusually harsh winter, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday. Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the economy, grew by 4% on an annual basis, better than the average of 3% predicted by economists. In the first three months of the year the economy shrank by 2.1%, the Commerce Department announced, softening its first estimate of a 2.9% fall.
Submitted 55 minutes ago


Cotton in the South: is a new sustainable textile industry rising?
Ron Burleson could talk about farming all day. As a boy, the third-generation North Carolina cotton farmer rode his dad’s tractor and self-propelled combine harvester around the lush, rolling hills of their 1,000-acre farm. Yet as the farm grew and he took over his dad’s land, Burleson always wondered where the billowy threads of his cotton harvest ended up.
Submitted 56 minutes ago

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 Top Ten Places in the South for Relocating California Companies

In growth, companies find themselves in the dilemma of identifying capital to increase capacity and managing opportunity cost where capital may be deferred. This dilemma is amplified as capacity constraints drive a company to complete the site selection process for an expanding or new facility. 

 Randle Report - Business News in the South

By Dr. Glen Fenter
Desperation sometimes masks itself in acceptance. Such was the case for Takelia Carter of Marion, Ark. For Carter, the mother of six school-age children in a low paying job, desperation was normative existence. This was her life in Crittenden County, Ark., deep in the Delta where unfortunately one in four families lives well below the poverty level.

 Business News in the South - Randle Report

By Mike Randle
There are numerous factors driving the new industrial revolution in the South. And it is a revolution, as this manufacturing surge that began in 2007 continues to break records year after year in the total number of large, capital intensive projects. One factor, of course, is that reshoring of facilities back to the U.S. continues to grow each year.
 Nashville Mayour Karl Dean

We try to change up the categories in our annual Ten Top 10s section, but we always include the "Ten People Who Made a Difference" category. This year though, we are honoring 12 and you will learn why by reading about this group of folks who have made a difference in the South. Here is our annual list that includes executives, economic developers and politicians who have made a difference in the South's economy.




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